Saturday, June 2, 2012

Peace Education for Kids

One of the most important parents' responsibilities is thinking about their kids' education. Education is not just about taking them to the best school or college, but also teaching them how to behave and to think logically. Parents have the biggest role in influencing their kids' behavior. Therefore, parents need to know about peace education so they can introduce it to their kids to minimized kids violence behavior and can give a better future to their kids as world peace generation. The important of peace education for creating a peaceful world from the smallest environment we known as family, need a bigger concern from anyone who want a better future for human being in this world.

Parents can introduce peace to their kids by telling them the bed time stories about peace, giving them the proper toys to play (avoiding to give them toys related to violence, such as plastic guns), guiding them to watch the suitable TV programs for kids, and so on. By doing such things, we can make our kids have better understanding about peace culture so they can minimized their violence behavior in their daily lives.

This peace education maybe sounds so unimportant, but if we want to look forward by introducing this peace education to our kids we can participate to create a better world to live. Kids with peace education basic will grow up as peace generation who can create a peaceful world to live for everyone. There will be no more discrimination in this peaceful world, so anyone can live happily without any afraid.

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